Vienna, it means something to me..

We got to Vienna late on Sunday night so there was the whole day to explore. It’s a hard life, wandering round this old imperial capital, eating apple strudels and drinking coffee in the old Konditorei. The first coffee came with Kirche and cream. I wonder if that’s what Mozart had for breakfast? Probably, I felt a symphony coming on. For a tourist destination, Vienna is very tasteful and it’s also full of art. Everything here is on a grand scale, the buildings, the streets. I dropped in on the Lipizzaner stables which are built like a palace. I thought the horses might prefer a field though, maybe they get holidays.
The gig was great, we sold out the Theatre Akzent, which was built by the workers union. I played the whole show with just cello. It’s hard work but makes for an interesting set and I am finding arrangements for more of my songs that can work with just cello and voice.
The girls on the tour are good company and I am enjoying their music a lot. We have enough in common and something we all agree about is the Grüner Veltliner white wine. Today it is just a short hop to Baden, but tomorrow we drive 6 hours to the other side of the country to Innsbruck, ending up in Switzerland on Saturday.
Cafe Hawelka