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In 2000 I moved to Sweden, to a small red wooden house close to the forest and the wild beasts. The love of winter, the Swedish fiddle tunes and the love of a woman took me there. There is a melancholy to the music, it’s the blues of the north. I call it home.

When I was at Art School in Brighton I decided to follow where music took me. I moved to London and for years I didn’t eat much. Then I joined Oysterband, eventually recording 19 albums and touring in 27 countries. In 2013 I decided to go solo and have never looked back.

Ray Cooper, singer & songwriter, with Cello

I set up a recording studio in a small log cabin and recorded my first first album Tales of Love War and Death by Hanging in 2010, it has a strongly historical theme. It was followed in 2014 by Palace Of Tears which is about more recent, more personal history. The latest album ‘Between The Golden Age & The Promised Land’ came out in 2018.

I am an acoustic singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, the guy that sings with a cello, as well as mandolin, guitar and piano.

I am half Scottish and half English, I have no home town, I think of myself as a north European now. A romantic. I look back on history with the hope to learn something about the present, to catch the repeating patterns. I get my ideas from memories, dreams, history books, biographies, online news outlets, conversations I remember or imagine, I have no method. Trad tunes weave their way in and out because they are just so strong and are as much a part of my cultural roots as rock ‘n roll.



2018  CD and Gold Vinyl LP ‘Between The Golden Age And The Promised Land
2015  Songbook:  ‘Ray Cooper Songs
2014  CD ‘Palace Of Tears
2010  CD ‘Tales of Love War and Death by Hanging



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