Solo tour

May 27 Lüchow/Satemin Markthof Satemin

May 29 Flensburg Sankt Johannis Kirche

June 2 Hildesheim Litteranova

June 8 Hamburg Komm du

June 9 Bad Doberan Kornhaus

June 10 Atlandsberg (Berlin) Stadskirche

August 27 Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Sept 8 Stralsund Gustav-Adolf Saal

Sept 10 Bad Schmiedeberg Stadtkirche

Sept 22 Essen Grend

Sept 23 Herne Scholbrockshaus





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New album Land of Heroes

Maverick magazine
‘Land of Heroes proves to be an exceptional album from an awe-inspiring musician and a must in any music lover's collection’

The Beat
‘If Leonard Cohen and Jacqueline du Pré had produced a child, they would have named him Ray Cooper’…..’my new favourite CD’

This is Ray

Ray Cooper is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Sweden. For many years Cooper played with Oysterband, he went solo in 2013 and has since recorded four solo albums.

Stories are at the centre of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ray Cooper’s work. “I get my ideas from memories, dreams, history books, biographies, online news outlets, conversations I remember or imagine, I have no method”, Cooper claims, “I look back on history with the hope to learn something about the present; to catch the repeating patterns.”

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