House Concerts

What exactly is a house concert?

Ray Cooper live at a house concertIt’s a private concert in somebody’s house or flat. You need 25 -50 people.
You can choose to provide food and drink or ask guests to bring their own. (Or both!)
There should be no advertizing, this is a private event. Social media and word of mouth work best.
Hosts will usually be expected to feed and house the artist for the night. What you get is a small, intimate and acoustic concert for you and your friends, funded by a money per guest (which goes directly to the artist).

I usually play small concerts like this with no mic or PA.
The show is two sets of 45 minutes with a 15-20 minute interval.
The first question to ask is ‘Do I have a suitable room/space to hold at least 25 people?’

Ray Cooper at a house gig in Herbolzheim

If you’re not sure, have a trial run. Move/remove furniture. The audience should be seated. Push sofas to the edges of the room and bring in as many chairs as you can find and see how it looks. Most hosts find that they could fit far more people than they thought. The performer will need around 2 or 3 square meters. Make a long list of everyone you know and start emailing them. We can supply promotional materials and links to music, biography, pictures and video on the net. It’s as simple as that.

And welcome to the new underground.


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