Falling like thunder

New single release FALLING LIKE THUNDER

The new single release from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ray Cooper,taken from his fifth, as yet untitled, album to be released in April 2024.

Ray says about this song: “I was brought up on delusions; delusions of progress; delusions of history; delusions of western superiority; thinly disguised racism. The ideas in this song could have been made into several songs but I had to let it all out, standing on a box in the market square shouting like a madman”. —————————————————-

April 2024 will see the release of Ray Cooper’s new album which has been two years in the making. All the songs dig for emotional depth and reflect his world view, whether it is nostalgia, anger, or sheer romanticism. The folk influences are still there but mixed up with many other styles, including touches of americana and even rap. The album features three duets with different singers and although Ray again plays most of the instruments himself, the album also includes some guest artists; on drums, piano, violin, Swedish nyckelharpa and a brass section. The album was recorded in Sweden, with additional overdubs in Berlin, Hamburg and Brighton. ————————————————–

On tour 2024: May 14 – 27 Germany // September 6 – 19 Germany // October 11 – 28 UK —————————————-

Im April 2024 erscheint das neue Album von Ray Cooper. Der vorab veröffentlichte Titel „Falling Like Thunder“ wurde speziell für die Single-Veröffentlichung bearbeitet, zum Teil neu instrumentiert und abgemischt.


Ray Cooper – vocals, cellos, piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar

Recorded at The Love Shack,

Malmköping, Sweden

Sunniva Bondesson backing vocals recorded at the Berlin Wall Of Sound, Berlin, Germany

Produced by Ray Cooper

Mixed and mastered at The Dream Room Brighton, England, by Al Scott

Video design by Marry Waterson

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All rights reserved Published by Westpark Music & Publishing, Cologne, Germany