Land of heroes

Ray Cooper - Land of heroes

Released 2021

Stories are at the centre of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ray Cooper’s work and his fourth album Land of Heroes follows the question who today’s heroes are.


The Burning Pile



Eyes of Mercy

The Beast

Canada Hill

We Need More Heroes

Dark Father

Ilmarinen’s Ride

Brave Wolfe

Dark Sky Park


Ray Cooper: voice, piano, guitars, cello, mandolin,
harmonica, harmonium, bass guitar, percussion.

Rowan Godel: Backing vocals

Recorded by Ray Cooper
at The Love Shack Malmköping Sweden 2021

mixed and mastered by Al Scott
produced by Ray Cooper
photos by Kerstin Maier //
artwork by Neomania Design



RnR Magazine: “It will draw you in, like Scandi noir television, and you’ll keep going back for more.”

Maverick Magazine: “Land of Heroes proves to be an exceptional album from an awe-inspiring musician and a must in any music lovers collection.”

The Beat: “If Leonard Cohen and Jacqueline du Pré had produced a child, they would have named him Ray Cooper … my new favourite CD.”

Folk Radio: “…this is his fourth solo album and it is a cracker.

Fatea… yet another magnificent album, which oozes class … ‘Land of Heroes’ is veritable feast, and in it, its creator, Ray Cooper, demonstrates the work of a songsmith of exceptional originality, perspicacity and talent. “…there’s nothing superfluous on it. It un-showily demonstrates Cooper’s top-notch songwriting and playing skills. The subtleties and warmth of it become even more apparent with repeat plays. Definitely do that.

From Northern Sky – Album review PDF


Rootszone.dkThe lyrics seem to me to be the album’s most important strength.


Forces ParallellesThe listener has the intoxicating feeling of being at the top of a mountain of emotions, to experience such rich moments that only music can provoke.


Concerto (pdf)

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