Tour Diary 2

Back to Germany now after a few days in Holland. After Sint Joosland I decided to take the coast road up to Den Haag. This road goes over a series of sea walls, past kilometres of giant sluice gates, all that stops south west Holland from turning into something like the Dogger Bank. The scale and vision of such a project is impressive. Then a house concert at the wonderful Karins and on to Bad Bentheim in Germany for another house concert for my friend Rainer, who has also booked my whole tour in south Germany next month.
I enjoyed playing my new songs and was relieved to hear that they were not too strange for the audience. Last night was a return to the Maschinchen Buntes club in Witten. It made a change to play a bit louder and in a bar, again, a lovely audience, thanks. Tonight I will be at the Katakomben Theater in Essen. Oysterband had a lot of good shows and probably it’s best audiences in Essen. I have a lot memories of great times there. We will see if they remember me.