Tour Diary 1

The tour started well, first a very long drive through Sweden and then I crossed the beautiful bridge at Copenhagen just as the sun was going down and made it to Flensburg by about 10.00pm. My friend there is a bow maker and also has a collection of unusual bows. The latest was a Japanese Yumi, a bow I had always wanted to try. We didn’t have the proper long bamboo arrows or glove but nevertheless had a pleasant hour shooting next morning. Archery is a beautiful thing and standing in a field on a warm autumn morning with a fine Japanese bow in my hand felt like a good start to the tour.
The Imago art gallery in Wedemark near Hannover was the first show and was a sell out. I tried out several new songs and it was good to come to a new town and play to a fresh audience.
Next day a very long drive to the coast of Holland and to the charming small Theatre De Wegwijzer (which means windmill). I love this place, it is run by real music lovers and has the best piano I have ever played.
On today to a house concert in The Hague and one that has an incredible program of artists, folkinthelounge at Karin’s, I was booked for this one over two years ago. I have another show in Holland next week, it is a country I would like to come to more often. It’s flat, crowded, you have to eat mayonnaise with every meal but the people are great and have a real sense for the arts.