October tour

As soon as I have washed my socks, changed my cello strings and answered a few emails I am heading south for the last of the summer wine in the north, west and south of Germany for 5 public shows and another 8 house concerts.
Sunday 8 October Schleswig St Johannis Kloster Am St. Johanniskloster 4, 24837 Schleswig,  An 800 year old church. I played here last year. Incredible acoustics.The church is dedicated to John the baptist and there is an old sculpture of a severed head lying in a plate in the vestry (my dressing room). Acoustic show.
Thursday 12 October  Riedtstadt BuechnerBuehne   Kirchstraße 16  D- 64560 Riedstadt   Small funky theatre. ‘The Whiskey Man Bar’ Great selection of single malts. http://www.buechnerbuehne.de/programm.html
Friday 13 October  Schwalbach am Taunus  House concert but open to all if you register here   Homepage: http://www.bloech.de/?page_id=59&event_id=57  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/122681948390978   Schwalbach am Taunus 65824
Saturday 14 October Weinheim Hamiltons Marktpl. 5, 69469 Weinheim                      Phone 06201 9896444    http://www.hamilton-weinheim.de
Friday 20 October  Reinighof 1     76891 Bruchweiler- Bärenbach https://www.reinighof.de
See ‘concerts‘ page for more details
Also another 8 private house concerts in Flensburg (2), Luebbecke,  Verden, Freiburg, Leutkirche, Monschau, and Witzenhausen. If you want one next year, please get in touch ray@raycooper.org