Love & Vengeance tour part 2

Only a few more days at home before I am back on the road starting next Wednesday 12th October at Hagges Pub in Denmark. Hagges is well known to anyone who goes to the Tønder Festival, a nice little rockin’ bar with plenty of good stuff in the taps. This tour takes me all the way down to the Swiss border…where it is still summer. Pubs, Irish clubs, rock clubs, house concerts, a cave, the usual stuff. It’s going to be good. This time I will fly home, leaving my car in Germany for the Celtic Emotions Festival tour which starts in November.
Oct 12 Tønder DK Hagges
Oct 13 Silkeborg DK 3f Private
Oct 14 Flensburg House Concert
Oct 16  Munster House Concert
Oct 17 Homberg-Efze Altes Praffhaus
Oct 18 Homburg  Schlossberghöhlen
Oct 19 Herbolzheim House Concert
Oct 20 Leutkirche private
Oct 21 Blaubeuren Zum Nix
Oct 22 Trogen Folk Club Isaar
Oct 24 Munich Irish Folk Club
Oct 25 Fürth Kofferfabrik