Tour Diary 4

A great last night in Hamburg with Latin Quarter at the Downtown Blues Club. I enjoyed playing to a sold out stand up crowd, but, who wouldn’t? I am looking forward to a return to Hamburg on Friday March 31 at Heidbarghof. I will doing a tour of north Germany then. Latin Quarter were excellent and after the show we had a few beers together at the hotel sitting outside till late in the unseasonably warm weather. The next day it was still 18C at 7.00 am as I drove home, first to Puttgarden and the hybrid diesel/electric ferry to Denmark, then over the beautiful Øresund bridge to Sweden. It was a long slog back home made longer by my car only firing on 3 cylinders. Next day I took my book down to the lake in Mellösa and read till it got dark. It felt good to be back in the quiet and peaceful surroundings of Sweden after the madness of a 13 hour motorway drive.

Thanks to all the people who put me up and helped with the tour. Now the car is fixed and I have only just over a week before I get back on the road and drive all the way back to Denmark then to the very south of Germany.