Homeward bound

I just played the last show on this this Love & Vengeance winter tour of England. I have been singing all the new songs that are intended for the next CD although I have not started recording in earnest yet. It has been a nostalgic trip back to the old country and and I have hooked up with a lot of old friends as well as made a lot of new ones. I had some interesting chats too. I stayed in friends houses mostly and only had one hotel on this tour, that meant I had only one breakfast without talking about Brexit or Donald Trump. It was good to hear what everyone had to say, it was mostly despair and bewilderment, but it made a few things much clearer to me, mostly to do with how all this came about. It is definitely time for the left to ask itself some hard questions and get it’s act together.
This tour was different in many ways, not just with the new songs and changing the set every night. I also played more pianos and even a couple of church organs, although the cello still remains the favourite. One of the reasons I use different instruments is that some songs just suit particular instruments more than others. The church organs have something very rock about them and the old ones have an amazing grandeur. So too do some pianos, last night I was in the South Hill Park Arts in Bracknell, a huge stately home now hosting a number of venues and an theatre, I was in the old oak panelled library and had a mighty full size Steinway grand to use. Probably the best piano I have ever played.
It has been wonderful to be back in England, I am still hoping to get into Wales and Scotland one day too. I will be back in May for a couple of festivals and a small string of gigs. Thanks Alan Cole for these photos from The Convent TV concert. Thanks too to all the people who have helped and supported me. I am heading home now to my old wooden house in Sweden.

April 29th Big Session Festival Buxton
May 2,3 and 4. 3 libraries in Norfolk, details to be announced
May 5th Folk On The Pier Festival Cromer
May 6th Netley St Edwards Church with Steve Skaith (Latin Quarter)