On tour in England

It was a great first night to a full house in Yarpole. St Leonards is a beautiful old church which also serves a a community centre for the village. Best of all they have a wonderful old church organ which they let me use. It has a majestic sound, with great warmth and character. After sound checking I was horrified to hear that they were planning to get rid of the organ and replace it with an electronic one! Please don’t. These old instruments are as much a part of our heritage as the church itself.
I used the organ on three songs and people were genuinely surprised to hear it used in such a different context. I maybe convinced a few people that they should keep it.
Thanks to all who helped with the show and for listening. I played several new songs and it is good to be on the road again.
The church is a great model of what is possible for a tiny village with an ancient church. They have a cafe, a village shop and a post office actually inside the church and the whole thing is made possible by enthusiastic volunteers.

Nice to play in Bedford for the first time in the plush Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes on Sunday night. Thanks for the reaction to the organ playing in Yarpole, it seems I now have two more church organs lined up. Some people like driving big old cars, me, well….
Two free days in London and the tour continues to Birmingham Red Lion on Wednesday.
I will be playing my new song about Fred Broadrick who came from Birmingham. He lived in Norman Street near the centre of the city, one of his locals was another Red Lion. He was shot at dawn in 1917 for absence without leave.
Thursday I will be at The Convent near Stroud where they have a grand piano. There will be a live televised broadcast of the show available on subscription through their website.
Friday I am at St Edith’s Folk Club in Sevenoakes, my first show in Kent!
Saturday back at St Stephens in Upper Basildon for an acoustic show which will include some church organ too. I would love to have one of these at home, I might have to move into a bigger house though.