Denmark……and of course, Margaret Thatcher

My first solo tour of Denmark starts on April 16th, 2 weeks and a mix of public shows and house concerts. The details are here under concerts and also in Danish at

For the first time, I will be able to load up my cello and guitar into my own car and drive the whole tour, down through Sweden, over the bridge to Copenhagen, and on through Zealand, Fyn and Jutland. It is a 3000km round trip, but in quite easy stages, and Denmark is such a civilized country to tour in, quite small, nice open roads, plenty of sky. See below for a map of my trip.

Then just a week at home before I start a 2 week tour of England. Click here for details of my public shows. There is nothing much in the summer except a few Scandinavian shows until I start touring again in September.

I’ll be playing quite a few new songs, getting to know them better before starting the recording when I get the chance. The direction is a little different as you will hear (eventually), the history is a little more recent. There are some other themes too. I hope to be able to put up at least one new song on this website when I finish these tours.

It all seems a long way from Britain where the turmoil over Thatcher’s legacy is being argued out, but thanks to the net, I have followed much of the debate. It rages between those who point out all the good things she did and those who point out all the bad things she did. But it goes further than that, the question of whether of not one can be critical of dead politicians is superbly addressed here by journalist Glen Greenwald

Lots of other things come out of the woodwork too, people whose political opinions you never knew suddenly become vocal. And it goes still further, a lot of historical information is coming back, things I had forgotten; ranging from the fact that inflation was at 25% when the Conservatives came to power in 1979, to Nicholas Ridley’s secret negotiations with the Argentines to hand over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands in 1980 and 1981. See  here for this one.

I can’t remember a time in recent years where there has been so much political debate, and that, just in itself, has to be a good thing. Politics has stopped being grey for a week.