Back home and a live video on the way

I am back in Sweden working with film maker Jens Th (via Skype) on an edit of a live video we filmed in the Gimle club in Roskilde. The tour of north Germany took in this show in Denmark which was a double bill for Folk Roskilde with MC Hansen and his sidekick Jacob Chano. We had a great time together and found it easy to guest on each others songs.
I spent about 2 weeks in Schleswig-Holstein and played a wide variety of shows. One of the strangest was a taylor’s showroom in the old quarter of Lübeck. The 500 year old room was almost empty but for 4 large lumps of what I thought were ceramic. It turned out they were 300 million year old petrified trees, polished. I took rather a liking to them.
Ian Telfer from Oysterband noticed I had a day off and asked if I wanted to skoot up to Denmark to guest with Oysterband in Horsens, of course I said yes and had a short but very enjoyable reunion with the band. Too short, as I had to drive straight back over the border.
The last shows were in churches and finished with the priory in Schleswig. I played this one acoustic and I can honestly say I have never had a better sound. These old stone buildings are very wonderful to sing in. A number of good friends helped me to promote this tour and make it a success, thanks very much.
No more touring till September, but there are a couple of shows coming up with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra, first one is July 8th at Ekenäs Kvarn, see events.

The first of the live videos will be online in a week or two.Carsten Holbaek RoskildeVideo still with MC and Jacob 2016-05-26 at 09.32.06Prerow Axel GessinAG-08039