Up and running in Schleswig-Holstein

The tour of Schleswig-Holstein got off to a very good start. First, a new venue in Barmstedt called Kulturschusterei. This is an old cinema converted into a small club/theatre run with love and enthusiasm by Mathias. I would recommend this place to anyone, artist or music lover.

Last night I was in Skt Johanniskirche, the oldest church in Flensburg. The large cavernous vaulted ceiling seemed to be a problem at first for sound. However, we turned it to our advantage by some clever placement of the speakers. I felt that I had never had a better vocal sound. Thanks to all the people who came up and spoke to me afterwards and everyone who helped make the show such a success, especially since we were competing with several other shows that night in Flensburg that were part of the folkBALTIKA Festival.

Today Saturday 30th April I will be in Lübeck, playing in a taylor´s showroom, that´s a first. Please note this show was originally advertised as being on Sunday.

And now a surprise…next week I have a free day on Friday 6th May, by a co-incidence Oysterband are playing up the road in Horsens Denmark. They asked if I would like to come along and sit in for a few songs, of course I said yes.

Here are the rest of the tour dates, the rest of the info is on the concerts page…

Saturday 30th April Lübeck Taylor in Town

Tuesday 3rd May Glücksburg private house concert

Wednesday 4th May Hamburg Cafe Sält Kraken

Thurday 5th May Aukrug Tivoli

(Friday 6th May Guesting with Oysters in Horsens)

Saturday 7th May Kiel private show

Sunday 8th May Kiel house concert

Tuesday 10th May Gettorf Konzertkirche

Wednesday 8th May Schleswig Skt Johanniskloster