The Story So Far


Photo Lieve Boussauw

Happy New Year. It’s cold here in Sweden,  -11C  today, but sunny and fresh. I had a good Christmas and have been fooling around in the studio with a few ideas.

Touring again soon and lots of new dates have come in for the spring. So far 19 shows in England, Denmark and Germany. As usual, a lot of interesting and strange venues. Churches, castles, a monastery, museums, a cave, possibly a shipyard, rock clubs, arts centres, Irish bars, cabaret bars, theatres, folk clubs, anywhere that will have me basically. I am also doing  quite a few house concerts. There are still some free dates, so if you see a gap in the tour, I might be able to fit in another house concert. You can mail me at

The first tour in February is probably my only appearance in England this year, I will be concentrating more on shows in Germany and on writing more songs at home in Sweden. See you out there on the road.

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March 3rd 3f union private show

March 4th, house concert

March 6th, 7th,10th,         free

March 5th House concert

March 8th House concert

March 9th Idom Raasted Plexus

March 11th 3f union private show

March 31st House concert


April 1st  Magdeburg Sontage

April 2nd Gera Sontage Festival

April 3rd Schweina Höle (cave)

April 4th       free

April 5th Zeitz Green Island Pub

April 6th Bad Schmiedeburg Stadtkirche

April 7th Leipzig-Zuckelhausen Kirche

April 8th Lohmen private show

April 9th Prerow Seemannskirche

April 10th Stralsund Kulturkirche

April 27th Roslilde Denmark

April 28th Barmstedt

April 29th Flensburg StJohanniskirche

April 30th Kiel (To be confirmed)

May 1st Oxon Islands DK

May 2nd free

May 3rd Glucksburg House concert

May 4th  Hamburg Café Saltkråkan

May 5th Aukrug

May 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th Free

May 10th Gettorf monastery

May 11th Schleswig St Johanniskloster


May 22nd Borlänge

May 28th Malmköping Trad folk concert

June 4th Mellösa Trad folk concert

June 30th Malmköping Trad folk concert

July 8th Ekenās with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra

August 7th Ekenās with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra