I have to come clean and say it’s not my car although I love it, what is more she was built to last, unlike so many things today. Thanks to my friend William for the loan of her.
It’s the end of another tour that took me all over England and into Wales. Thanks so much to all the people who turned up, all the people that helped put on the shows, all the people that let me stay in their houses and all the house concert hosts. I won’t be back until March 2020 and I fear it will be a very different country I will be returning to in these turbulent times. I always feel an ex-pat nostalgia when I tour Britain but this time it was even more so. Every day I listened to the chat on BBC Radio 4 in the car. I saw some beautiful countryside, crossed the Pennines, saw the Wye valley, the Wey valley, the Severn valley, the Yorkshire moors, drove past Stonehenge 4 times and clocked up 1700 miles in 11 days. I had a lot of great conversations, and a few sad ones too. Several acoustic shows, a lot of variation in the set from night to night, some nice support acts, new faces, old faces and a lot of laughs.
I am now up in Scotland for a few days havin’ a wee holiday and so far the weather is fabulous. I have been to a lot of places in my life but Scotland is still the best.
Photos Tom Povey and Robert Mitchell