Just a day left and I set out for a tour of England and Wales, see map.  It sort of makes sense, but, rather like Brexit, it is far more complicated when you look at the detail.  The map only has the public shows, what are missing are another 5 house concerts that will have me zig zagging all over the country.

I love Europe and have had the privilege to work all over the continent and make many friends there, as well as live in Sweden for the last 18 years. Yes I am a remainer and yes, I believe in elections and in the will of the people and in democracy. But a democracy that does not allow people the chance to register that they have changed their minds over a very complex topic now that new information has come to light?…..That does not seen very democratic. Yes, it will be an emotional and nostalgic tour.

So I am looking forward to meeting new people hearing their stories, meeting up with old friends, playing my songs and tunes and especially, to my first show in Wales. Here are the dates.

February 13 Wed York Black Swan   Tickets

14 Thu Settle Victoria Hall  Tickets 

15 Fri Rhayader Wales The Lost Arc Tickets    

16 Sat Wellingborough House concert

17 Sun Honiton House concert

18 Mon London House concert

19 Tue London House concert

20 Wed Stroud The Prince Albert Tickets  

21 Thu Live on Radio Wey Valley 8.00-10.00 pm

22 Fri Alton Hants Holybourne Theatre Tickets   

23 Sat Chilmark House concert

24 Sun London Hornsey matinee Sy Mary’s Tower Tickets