Plans for 2015

Happy New Year everybody and all the best for 2015. I am planning 6 tours and will be in Germany a lot this year. This time, with the help of my friend Rainer Tibbe, I am going to try Bavaria in September so if anybody down there wants a show, or a HOUSE CONCERT? Let Rainer know or me,  I will also be in England in February, Belgium and west Germany in March, north Germany in April, Bunkfest Festival in England Sept 4-5, east Germany in October and England again in November, as well as a couple of shows in Denmark but not main tour there until early 2016. (if the Lord is willing and the creek don’t dry)

I had a great Christmas, it started with the traditional English carol singing which takes place in my local not very well heated mill. This picture was taken by our celeb carol singer Anna Bergendahl who also said I looked like ‘a young Benny Andersson’ which I took as a double compliment.

Then lots of exotic Swedish Christmas food, comprising mainly of the kind of animals that I try to avoid hitting when driving at night. A great New Year, more food and drink, this time with fireworks, then this week I travelled up to Scotland to attend a family funeral, getting back late last night. See you on the road somewhere.

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