Christmas card

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I am getting ready for Christmas now and for the traditional English carols at the local (and unheated) mill, Ekenäs Kvarn. This means remembering how to play them all on the  harmonium and finding my fingerless gloves. I love the flavour of the old carols, particularly the ones from the Yorkshire pub tradition and the Swedes seem to pick them up very quickly. Communal singing is popular here and has been since the pagan times. It also keeps us warm.

2014, 80 shows in 5 countries, a lot of memorable places visited and a new album finished and released. It has been a busy time and a great year, and I have to thank a lot of people for all the help they have given me. I wanted to get out and play as much as possible and with your help, I did.

Have a great time everybody, thanks for coming to the shows, buying the CDs and have a very happy Christmas.