One more show then back to the studio

Just one more show to go now on my Swedish tour of Småland. The venues have been good, with several decent sized theatres. I have enjoyed playing the various pianos in these venues and most of them have good grand pianos. I am beginning to know the differences between Steinways and Yamahas. It also helps to have a big piano to fill up a big stage when you are on your own and it makes a nice change in the set to sing a couple of songs at the keyboard.
Stage in Näsjö
Driving back to Jonköping every night in the dark wasn’t much fun, especially when it was snowing, but I survived.
The hotel bar was always open when I got back. I remember being here a very long time ago with Oysterband, I never imagined that one day I would be here for a week on my own. I can still see the crew sprawled on the black plastic sofas in the lobby. This place (Fam Erikssons Hotel) is a real musician’s hotel, very laid back, breakfast till 11.00, and the passages are full of posters from all the acts that have stayed here.
So, a big thanks to all the people that turned up to the shows and to Smålands Musik och Teater that brought me here. The tour has been very good for my Swedish, I had to tell all my stories in Swedish this time. I am looking forward to coming back to this area.
Next week, back to the studio…and the album.