On The Road Again

Thanks for all the warm messages of support from everybody. For a week I sat around feeling listless, contemplative and lazy. I caught up with my Swedish fiddle pals and played some folk music, answered a few emails and stared out of the window a lot. I have some wild deer that come and eat the bird seed I leave out, watching them passes the time.

Already Oysterband seem far away, it was a great send off but already I am far over the horizon. However, there is no more time to sit around, I am off to Germany in a couple of days for a 2 week tour in the north. I’m looking forward to meeting old friends and playing my new songs. The shows up to end of May are here under concerts.

This is how the whole year looks:

March  North Germany

April  Denmark

May  England

Summer  Sweden/Finland and holiday

September  Belgium/Western Germany

October  England

Nov-Dec  recording new album