I recorded a live acoustic concert in Goseck Castle a couple of weeks ago. Part I premières on Youtube this Friday 6th November 8.15 pm UK time, 9.15pm in Europe, and it’s free. Part II follows the following week, same time Friday 13th.

The venue is the remaining part of a vast abbey church at Schloss Goseck. Perched on top of a cliff above the Saal valley in Saxony, the original Slav fortress was built around the year 800. The monastery was built a couple of hundred years later and I have had the privilege of playing here for the last five years. I was standing on a floor almost a thousand years old and the acoustics are amazing, as you will hear, those monks knew a thing or two about sound. The place is lovingly curated by my friend Robert Weinkauf, himself a fine singer of medieval songs.

Big thanks to Michael Thurm from Evovi.de for the filming and excellent sound recording.

Part II will follow at the same time the following week.

Live in Schloss Goseck 2020

Part 1: https://youtu.be/lTLy_mN9pnk

Part 2: https://youtu.be/jE34bT3r39A

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