Last Day Of Recording

Ray with Al Scott in the Metway studio Brighton

Back home now after a very busy trip in England. There is always a sense of relief at the end of a tour. Looks like I got away with it again, so many things could have gone wrong. Didn’t lose any money, didn’t dent the hire car (or pay the £900 damage excess I wasn’t covered for), drove through deep floods without the car stopping, and everything, everything went perfectly. Shows were fine, photo session was great and I had a very good last day recording with producer Al Scott and singer Rowan Godel at the Metway studios in Brighton.

It was a good feeling to hand over the raw master recording files (which were on a tiny memory stick) to Al and then hear them coming out of the big speakers as he began to process them through the valve desk with valve compressors.

Rowan had sung at 2 shows the week before so we were well rehearsed. We set up 2 mics facing each other in true Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers style and sang 2 songs together, then she put some harmonies on a third.

That was the last day recording an album that took me 4 months to make and a couple of years to write.