Gold Album Release!

Yes the album went gold, that is to say, the LP is gold coloured plastic. I don’t recommend anybody frame it though. Better put it on the turntable turn up the volume and put the coffee on. Out now in Europe and available on mail order from Westparkmusic  

Listen here on Soundcloud

The official release date in the UK is May 25th.

I got out my old turntable in the studio and gave it a spin. Vinyl is somehow pleasant to listen to, softer on the ear. I then played some other old vinyls I had, mostly, old soul, classical, old rock,  punk, old pop, a very random selection that matches my very random taste, or what it used to be up until I stopped buying vinyl in about 1988. I am always interested to hear the different production sounds and approaches to recording. One of the best sounding vinyls I have, surprisingly is “American Beauty’ from 1970 by Grateful Dead. For those who don’t know, this was a hippie band from San Francisco. The album sounds now like a kind of alt-country record but has some of the best studio sounds I have ever heard. Not the same kind of music that I play, far from it. But good albums are more than just the sum of their parts, they chime with the zeitgeist, and have a touch of magic.

I spent a pleasant afternoon tidying up the studio and thinking about music, have we really made that much progress? The music of my youth was a kind of golden age, before music got pigeon holed into categories. There was an incredible optimism in those days.

I threw away a lot of stuff that had been lying around for years. It felt good.