Hello everybody, I hope you are all well, healthy and not going crazy. I have been spending my time here in my studio here in Sweden and now have some results. There will be an EP coming out on July 19th. This will be a three track download EP.

The new album will be finished by the end of July but it can’t be released until January 2021. The whole music industry is in chaos at the moment and there is a huge backlog of releases coming in the autumn. So we just have to wait for that one. More details about the EP very soon.

I am planning to go on tour in Germany at the end of August and through to October. There are 18 dates already booked and more coming in. Optimistic? Yes, I know but most of the places I play are very small and for once, that is an advantage. The dates will be announced soon.

There is tour of England coming up in January 2021 and we are still taking bookings for that one too.  It feels good to have so much new material and I am curious to see if people like it. Please tell me!

Stay well, stay heathy and stay creative. Ray