I just played a couple of shows with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra here in Sweden. We have one more coming up in nearby Dunker Kyrka next Wednesday. I wish I could take these guys with me on tour, they sound pretty good. Thanks Gustav, Jenny and Patrik for the wonderful playing. It is great to hear the songs with full arrangements.

Plenty more solo shows coming up including the Wickham Festival in England on August 6th. On Aug 5th I will be guesting there with my old Oysterband pals

 There will be more October dates announced soon.

Festivals and tours 2017 

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Sweden July 19 Ekenäs Kvarn with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra  

Sweden July 23 Dunker Kyrka with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra

Denmark July 29 Aarup (Fyn, Denmark) Singer/songwriter Festival   

England August 6th Wickham Festival Hants  

East Germany Castles Churches Highland Games etc. Tour

Wednesday 6 September Ahrenshoop Schifferkirche

Thursday 7 September Greifswald Kulturbar

Friday 8 September Neustrelitz Basiskulturfabrik

Saturday 9 September Wegendorf kirche 

Sunday 10 September Bad Schmiedeberg Hofkonzert

Monday 11 September Witzenhausen Bistro 

Tuesday 12 September Magdeburg Werkstatt BANDITT

Wednesday 13  September  Berlin Petruskirche   

Thursday 14 September Hainchen, EigenARTig

Friday 15 September Schloss Goseck, 

Saturday 16 September Schloss Trebsen  Highland Games

Sunday 17 September Schloss Trebsen   Highland Games

October tour Germany

Thursday 12 October  Riedtstadt BuechnerBuehne   

Saturday 14 October Weinheim Hamiltons 

More TBA.