Touring England

I am having a good time here despite the rain, dark skies and busy motorways. People ask me if it isn’t lonely to be touring solo? No, it is very sociable and I am meeting new people all the time, especially at house concerts. The only lonely time is that half hour before I go on stage, but that is necessary too. Every show has been interesting and different. At the church in Upper Basildon I was allowed to play the church organ and duetted with Rowan Godel on ‘In Your Sweet Arms’. It is nice to have the mandolin with me on this tour, even though I only play it for a couple of songs. Every time I go on tour I seem to take more and more stuff, never less.

I did some more radio yesterday at BBC Radio Shropshire with Genevieve Tudor, a long time champion of folk and acoustic music.The interview and live songs will be aired on Sunday evening and like all BBC radio, will be available to listen again to for the next 30 days via their website. Click here Sunday night or after.

I also did an interview and live song on their daytime radio for Vicki Archer and Adam Green. You can also listen to this for the next month, it starts about 1:13 in. Click here Ray - Organ small sizeScreen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.47.38