Tour Diary

The tour got off to a good start, first the 3f Union in Silkeborg where I always feel very welcome. This gig was for shop stewards of the electricians and truck drivers. Next down to Flensburg, first in the old post office ‘Alte Post’ which is now a large hotel and restaurant. Saturday night I was back at St Johannis church in Adelby near Flensburg. This is a very old stone church with great acoustics, I stepped out from behind the mic and played a couple of songs acoustic. I also played two songs on the organ, a wonderful instrument with wooden pipes and well tuned. 
I am introducing quite a lot of new material in the set as I have been writing some more songs and instrumental tunes. I was a little worried that the audience might not like them but they seem to. 
Last night I was in Hamburg playing in another church, St Petrus. I played the whole show acoustic this time and enjoyed the natural acoustics of the place. Next up is the Cotton Club in Hamburg, a famous old jazz club. They tell me everyone has played there, including the great Jimi Hendrix. It will be nice to get back into the clubs again and there are a few coming up in the next two weeks. 
Thanks to Maja for these nice photos from the show in Adelby and thanks very much to the wonderful audiences I have been getting.
Sill to come…

1 Hamburg Cotton Club 
2 Heide Wald Cafe
3 Wülfrath Würg club
4 Reidstadt Buechner Buehner
5 Koln Cafe Lichtung
6 Herdecke Shakespeare
7 Dorsten Vinyl Cafe
8 Buetelborn house concert
9 Homburg Schlossberghoellen