Hi, here are some shows for my upcoming ‘Promised Land Tour’ It feels good to have over 50 dates in the diary to look forward to, with so many places to travel to and people to meet. More dates will come in so watch this space. Also, there are an additional bunch of house concerts not included here.  For more details see the Live Shows page I start in Germany this autumn, then it the new year to western Canada and back to England in March. I will be playing songs from all of my albums and also some newly written material. So have a great summer and I hope to meet you somewhere in the Promised Land.

Thanks to Kerstin Maier for this photo.


24 Malmköping Plevnagården Sweden

30 Heide Wald Cafe Germany


1 Cafe Sternchance Hamburg 

3 Café Lohengrin Hannover

4 Johanniterkirche, Milow

6 Werkstatt Bandit Magdeburg

7 Mal´s Scheune, Wiesenburg

8 Hochzeitsscheune Altlandsberg matinée starts 16.00

26 Stolpe Gemeinschaftshaus

27 Blues Club Zum Stern Hannover

28 Maltzhaus Herbsfest Plauen

29 Kirche St Michael Denzlingen

30 Irish Folk Club Munich


4 Hirsch Glems

5 Birkenau Toscana 

6 Livebühne Freising

9 Parkschänke, Limbach-Oberfrohna

10 Kleiner Ratskeller Göttingen

11 Folkclub Ostangeln Kappeln

12 Konzertdiele Moorhausen


16 Sigridslunds Café Sparreholm Sweden


January 18-Feb 8 Canada Alberta/BC

March 6 – 22 England