Small but beautiful tour in England

One more show tonight then I am home to Sweden. Touring is a good way to catch up with old friends as well as make a lot of new ones. I seem to be settling into a routine of visiting England in February and November.

Once again I was lucky enough to have a lot of nice shows; some clubs, a house concert, a church, a medieval hall and was especially pleased to catch up with my old friend and former producer/soundman for Oysterband, Alaric Neville, now a brewer of fine ales. I played in his brewery in Northampton (home of Phipps IPA) and came away with a lot of samples which I have to drink before I go to the airport. (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it). The photo shows me at the soundcheck in Alaric’s Albion Brewery. This morning I woke up in Wallingford and had a walk along the Thames path in the morning mist. Yes, I do miss some things about England.Albion Brewery 13 Feb 2015

Next up is Belgium and Germany and a lot of castles, probably some more good beers too. What am I saying? All the beer in Germany is good.