Podcast Interviews. Episode 1
In March I was invited by podcaster Frank Webster to make a series of interviews about my latest album ‘Land of Heroes’. We went into each track in some detail; how and why the songs were written, how they were arranged and recorded in my log cabin studio in Sweden and how I worked with my longtime collaborators, executive producer Al Scott and singer Rowan Godel. As many of you may know, Rowan passed away suddenly in February, leaving us all with a great sense of loss, both as a colleague and as a friend. This album is the last work we did together, after working on many projects for over 20 years.There will be four podcasts in this series, each about 20 minutes long, coming out over the next four weeks on Thursdays and hosted here on the tpents website.So if you really want to know how these things come about, listen here as I spill the beans. Well, most of them.

Click here for Episode 1