The British tour was great, thanks to all who came along, and to the promoters who believed in me. The reaction was so positive that we were able to re- book most of the venues for the next tour. I will be back with a brand new album next year. However, because of album release schedules and commitments abroad, the next British tour will not be until October 2024. That said, I may come for a much shorter visit sometime in spring 2024. The new album is coming on fine but I will not be able to resume work on it until July. More news about the album to follow. Have a great summer!

Pic by Kerstin Maier

Here is a list of upcoming dates in Germany:

With Oysterband

May 10 Köln Yard Club

May 11 Rüsselsheim Das Rind

May 12 Bürgerhaus De Wintingen

May 13 Bensheim The Rex

Solo tour

May 27 Lüchow/Satemin Markthof Satemin

May 29 Flensburg Sankt Johannis Kirche

June 2 Hildesheim Litteranova

June 8 Hamburg Komm du

June 9 Bad Doberan Kornhaus

June 10 Atlandsberg (Berlin) Stadskirche

Sept 8 Stralsund Gustav-Adolf Saal

Sept 10 Bad Schmiedeberg Stadtkirche

Sept 22 Essen Grend