I have a good feeling about 2018.  I have a new album all finished and I will be very interested to hear what people think about it. ‘Between The Golden Age & The Promised Land’ will be my third solo album and will be officially released in April 2018 on Vinyl and CD although I will have the CDs to sell at shows before that. This week I am checking the artwork and the text for the booklet.

Since I am playing so much in Germany these days, there will be a German translation of the text accompanying the lyrics. The lyrics themselves will not be translated.

Listening back to the masters I am surprised myself at how it all sounds. I had the idea to make a simpler but more powerful sounding record, using less instruments and playing them all myself. I was influenced by the producer Rick Rubin and his arrangements and production for the acoustic albums Johnny Cash made before he died. Whether or not people will like this approach I don’t know, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Every album I have ever made has been a learning process, learning about playing, performing, production, writing and arrangement. I am so glad I have had the chance to make a few records, I must have made about 25 by now. The studio and the stage are the two schools where I have been able to really study music. I have picked up something useful from all the musicians and engineers I have worked with and especially from all the producers. Al Scott has been producing albums for Oysterband since the early 90’s and has helped me a great deal with my solo work. I am very grateful for his patience, skill, energy and good humour.

You notice I haven’t said anything about the songs yet. It’s much harder to write about them and also, I am hoping that they speak for themselves. Happy New Year to everyone.