Mini tour in Germany with the S.K.O

I had a good trip to Germany with Gustav, Jenny and Patrik, otherwise known as The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra. We played a Festival in Braunsweig as well as a couple of large churches in Berlin and Laatzen (Hannover). The only problem was a car breakdown. When I bought my German phrase book I used to laugh at phrases like ‘mein Auspuff ist kaput’, never knowing how useful that would be. I discovered that all the Germans who don’t speak English actually work in garages. We got everything fixed thanks to a lot of help from some very good friends.
The shows were all a joy and it seems a pity we have to put the S.K.O. back in a box again till nest summer. Thanks to all the new and old fans who came along.

Laatzen Monika

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.44.05Berlin Monika