July UK tour and festivals

A summer tour in England with two festivals and one show in Wales coming up. I am so looking forward to getting back to see England and Wales in the summer, and I will be going to some of the most beautiful parts.

Photo Kerstin Maier

I got back last week from a wonderful tour in Germany, my longest yet. Meanwhile, I am now back in Sweden trying to balance a little studio work with the rest of the things that need doing in my life. One of those is swimming in lakes. This morning I woke up at 6.00 am and walked through the forest, magically charged by the morning mist and the beams of sunlight slanting through the pine trees, to have my first swim in the nearest lake. The water was already at 22C. Just me, a few ducks and the magical mist hovering over the water lilies. As I came out, I saw a hare racing through the dew soaked grass. One of the things I love about this country is the law called ‘Allemansrätten’. Essentially this means the right to roam and it also means the right to swim in any lake, pick berries, and camp anywhere you like (as long as it is a respectful distance from houses). There is no law of trespass. This luxury is something that money can’t ever buy; the freedom of the whole big beautiful country. In return you are expected to respect nature and pick up your litter.

This winter I became a member of the ‘Friluftsfrämjandet’, an outdoors activity organisation, one of whose aims is to lobby to protect this right of access to the countryside that everyone has. These rights were fought for and need some pressure to be maintained. The forces of private ownership are always hovering around, waiting for a chance to claw something back.

So I have a few weeks at home, some Swedish midsummer celebrations, lots of music and some long summer evenings to look forward to. The stars disappear for about six weeks around this time of year. The sky does not get really dark, just a long quiet twilight, with a red sunset on the northern horizon. The ‘nights’ have an incredible stillness and it is easy to stay up until the sun gets hot again; the body adapts to having much less sleep. A good way to prepare for the madness of the festivals, and other shows waiting in July.

July UK tour

8 Isle of Wight Rhythm Tree Festival

9 Alton Holybourne theatre

10 Ely Folk Festival

12 Bretforton The Fleece

13 Presteigne Assembly Rooms

14 Marlborough Town Hall

15 Netley Chapel Sessions

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