German page, tour news

We now have a German language page on this website. Thanks to Dieter Ungelehert for the translation of all the song lyrics from Palace Of Tears. Please let me know what you think?

I have been working in my studio for the last couple of weeks, looking at some new songs and trying to get a better basic sound. It has been a beautiful still weather here in Sweden as the earth slowly turns away from the sun. We had great Northern Lights last week and I saw a large shooting star on Friday night, I watched it break into fragments in the clear autumn sky. I am off to Scotland next week for my annual visit to visit relatives, walk the hills and smell the peaty air again.

My next tour is a short one in England towards the end of November. I will come back again in February. The rest is 2016 is roughly planed too, several visits to Germany, more with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra in the summer, also solo tours in Denmark, Holland Belgium and England again.

I am still doing a few house concerts so if you are interested please get in touch directly with me