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There is a story to this one, as there is to most of them.
The second verse relates to a drinking incident that resulted in a broken leg. No, not me or my partner actually, the story goes something like this:
When I was living in a rented bedsit in north London, the ceiling collapsed one day, luckily I was out at the time. 150 year old plaster and horse hair resembling blocks of concrete turned the room into a bomb site. Serious re-decoration was needed and the landlady asked if I wanted to organise it. I called in a very nice Irish lady of my acquaintance who was a good painter. It took about a week, during which time we chatted quite a bit. She was a drinking friend of a certain famous and rather alcoholic London Irish singer who frequented a pub in Islington. One day she told me she was very worried about him because he had just broken his leg while out drinking.
I didn’t see my friend the painter for a few months and the next time I ran into her was in a club and she was on crutches. 
-Oh no, what has happened to you?
She looked embarrassed and did not answer straight away.
-Don’t tell me it is a drinking injury?
She nodded.
-Must have been quite a session, who were you drinking with?
She looks even more embarrassed.
-Me daughter