From the EP The Beast, out on download and streaming July 17th.

Eyes of Mercy ….for the nurses

I hear you coming from the rustle of your clothes
The sound of plastic slippers on a polished floor
Check the signs read the charts down the line
and then check mine
Can’t turn my head but I hear what you said
I wish I could answer ‘Just fine’
I want to breathe…I want to breathe

How long have I been here hours turn to days
There’s an angel by my bedside with a covered face
I’ll try to be your small success and I hope you make it too
Eyes wide awake night and day tired eyes
That watch for signs
Stay awhile
Lead me through to the front door or to the back
Lead me through
Through to the light or to the black

I need someone to hear my tale or it will stay with me
This one wants to run and needs someone to set it free
It’s only when the days grow short I see the course I’ve run
It’s only when I stopped the race I saw that long ago I’d won
Goodbye to the past
And if the flames leave just us
Those who make it through will remember you
And thank the few

Eyes of mercy tired eyes Eyes of angels by my side ….stay awhile
Eyes that work night and day Eyes that watch eyes that pray stay awhile
Eyes of mercy tired eyes Eyes of angels by my side ….stay awhile
Eyes of mercy tired eyes
Stay awhile