The new album Even For A Shadow will be released tomorrow Friday May 3rd on CD, 180g vinyl and on over 300 download and streaming platforms. Two years in the making and here it is, the best I could do.

I am very glad for the help I had from the my long time collaborator, executive producer and mixer, Mr Al Scott. Also from the fabulous guests who graciously agreed to perform with me: thanks to Kathryn Roberts  singing; Emma Härdelin (Triakel, Garmarna) singing; Sunniva Bondesson (Baskery) singing; Ben Paley fiddle; Anders Peev nyckelharpa; Gustav Andersson piano; John Eriksson drums; Jörn Haase trombone; and Alexander Kockel trumpet.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed all the time spent making this record, even though I had amany guests I recorded mostly on my own in my log cabin studio here in Sweden with just my studio pet Charlie for company. Charlie is an Australian Bearded Dragon, he is very old and very undemanding. He likes my company and when I am playing music. His favourite is the harmonica, but he doesn’t like the cello at all. I had bursts of recording and writing in between my touring schedule and this turned out to be a very positive way of doing things; I was able to return to the album with fresh ears, also to listen to the demos as I was driving down the motorways. No wonder then that a driving theme emerged.

By a very happy coincidence, the download platform Bandcamp are celebrating their 40th Bandcamp Friday also on May 3rd. This means that if you download the album tomorrow, they don’t take any percentage and all the money will go to the artist.

For those of you who prefer the physical LP or CD, it is available through the links on the SHOP page. I will of course have the vs and CDs with me on tour when I start in Denmark in a couple of weeks.