Cooper’s End

Just finished the England tour and am sitting at a cheap hotel at Stansted airport with a bottle of Guinness. The final destination in the Tom Tom was the appropriately named ‘Coopers End Road’ where I dropped off the hire car. It has been a great tour and I am grateful to many people for their help and support, all of which was very much appreciated.

It was interesting to see how England has changed and have talks with all kinds of people. Touring solo is like that, you meet interesting people all the time.
I enjoyed singing more and more as the tour progressed, perhaps because there were a few days off and I had a rare chance to relax. Tours are also very social events and always a chance to see some familiar old faces. Still, I was surprised to find that at the London show I knew most of the audience. It is just a pity that I will not be coming back for another year, just too much going on on the continent to fit everything in. I have a tour of Denmark then five tours of Germany. 

Review of London show

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