Beer and birthday in Belgium

Yesterday was my last show in Belgium at the ‘tEy club near Antwerp which richly deserves it’s reputation as the best folk club in Belgium.
Word of my birthday leaked out and I was pleasantly surprised by a few gifts: an earthenware bottle of Dutch corn schnapps, Belgian chocolates, some impossibly strong Belgian beer, and the bottle of Chablis here, signed by lots of people. Thank you thank you, that was very kind. The club also put on a great dinner for me, a couple of friends and the staff. 4 courses. I love my job.
I went for a long run this morning to try and clear my head. Past acres of greenhouses, ditches, fields reeking of slurry, past horses, foals and lots of people riding bikes.
I arrived this afternoon at Frank’s house near Aachen, a beautiful region, we are going to have a house concert here tomorrow, then down to Dornberg Castle in Gross Gerau and the StReid Kult Klub in Reidstadt Wolfskhelen.
To anyone coming to either or both of the last two shows this week, I know they are close together, so I will try and do as many different songs as I can, so expect a different program at each venue. Very different places too.
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                        StRied KULT Klub                          Dornberg Castle