Back home

Back home now after a good couple of weeks, lots of new friends, new songs, new places, new venues, as I drove round the north German countryside enjoying the spring weather. Best of all, I can experience spring all over again from the beginning here in Sweden. There are probably too many people to thank but I think you know who you are, I had a lot of help and support from many sides and for that I am very grateful.

The last 3 shows were very enjoyable. Mayday on the Oxen Island, a packed house followed by a ferry trip back to the mainland under the full moon. Saturday, the acoustic show in Hoyerswort Herrenhaus, a small castle near the north west coast, then finishing up with the special archer’s concert near Rensburg. We had a small shoot in the afternoon, longbows only.

The photograher Günther Wolffe kindly gave me some nice pictures from the Herrenhaus which I included in the photo gallery.

Thumbs up to the guy who phoned up the day after the last show to order 10 CDs to give away as presents.HerrenhausDraw