2013 ….. with a little help from my friends

It is the beginning of a new year and a very different one for me. Just four shows left with Oysterband, then I cut the safety rope and drift off into the lonelier, but I think more rewarding world of the singer songwriter. In the spring I will be making two tours of England, also touring Denmark and North Germany. In the summer I may do a few shows closer to home but otherwise I plan to have a real holiday for the first time in years.The autumn will see me out again, I am working on tours of Belgium, Sweden, and England and Germany again. So I won’t be disappearing. The spring dates are all listed here. Most are regular shows but there are a few private house concerts too.

How is it all going to work? Well, I am very fortunate in having a number of very good friends and fans in these various countries. You know who you are and I hope you know how much I appreciate your help and encouragement. I haven’t gone after any of the more established booking agents yet, preferring to work with people who I know and who I know believe in me.

I am going to be very much solo this year, flying in, renting a car and driving myself from city to city (via some small out of the way villages) with just the voice of my sat-nav for company. A lot of time for thinking.

Then comes the interesting part, what will you think of my new songs? Please let me know, I have given myself till the end of the year to finish recording my next album but there is still a lot of fine polishing and some more writing to do.

Well, that’s the plan, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you on the road, there are going to be some interesting venues.