1st leg

I am on the ferry on my way back from the first leg of the autumn tour in Germany. 6 hours of cruising over the grey green waters of the Baltic from Rostock to Trelleborg, it’s a good way to end the tour and a relaxing change from driving.

I had a few adventures, as usual. I started a couple of weeks ago, driving over the beautiful Öresund bridge from Sweden to Denmark, then played a series of shows in Hamburg and neighbouring regions before heading into the east. I had one day off, in Mirow, an old east german resort town on a big lake. I watched the boats. I had just played a very big church connected to the castle of the former Dukes of Meklenburg. I stayed 2 nights in the Pilgrim’s House, connected with the church. It was spartan but suited me fine. The next day was a sold out acoustic show in a the Banditt violin workshop in Magdeburg. Then on to Wiesenburg where I recorded a show for TV at Mal’s Scheune. I think most of it will go out on the local TV channel but there will be two tracks coming on Youtube in a couple of weeks, more about that later.
I finished up in the old wedding barn in Wiesendorf for a matinée yesterday afternoon, organised by my friend Tom.
I have a couple of weeks break now before the final 16 shows, most of which are in south Germany. Please note, if the acoustic show in Denzlingen church sells out, I will now play 2 shows, one starting at 17.00 and the second show at 18.30. For full details see http://www.raycooper.org/shows/

Sept 26 Stolpe Dorfgemeinschaftshaus
Sept 27 Hannover Zum Stern Blues Club
28 Sat Plauen Maltzhaus Herbsfest
29 Sun Denzlingen (Freiburg) 2 acoustic shows
30 Munich Irish Club.
October 1 travel day
2 Gutach house concert
3 Leutkirche private show
4 Metzingen Zum Hirsch
5 Sat Birkenau Baden-Wüttenberg Toscana
6 Sun Freising Lindenkeller
7 Nürnberg house concert (on the roof of a flat in town)
9 Limbach-Oberfrohna
10 Göttingen / Kleiner Ratskeller
11 Kappeln Folkclub Ostangeln
12 Saturday Elsfleth-Moorhausen Konzertdiele
13 Sunday Flensburg house concert