Song of the month:

Drunk on Summer

Dates 2018


27 July Zilleghem Folk Festival BE
18 August Helnaes Gallery DK
21 August Sparreholm Sigridsluns Café SE
with The Swedish Kitchen Orchestra


The Golden Age Tour
8 – 21 Sept DE
24 – 26 Oct DK
18 Nov – 1 Dec UK

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This is Ray

In 2000 I moved to Sweden, to a small red wooden house close to the forest and the wild beasts. The love of winter, the Swedish fiddle tunes and the love of a woman took me there. There is a melancholy to the music, it’s the blues of the north. I call it home.

When I was at Art School in Brighton I decided to follow where music took me. I moved to London and for years I didn’t eat much. Then I joined Oysterband, eventually recording 19 albums and touring in 27 countries. In 2013 I decided to go solo and have never looked back.

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